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About California Construction Supplies, Inc.

C.S. Harware in downtown California, Missouri.
C.J. Harris Lumber Co. in downtown California, Missouri

We are proud to be a family-owned and operated business!  The Friedmeyer family purchased the business in 1966 from the C. J. Harris Lumber Company, but the family association with the lumber business dates back to the late 1800’s.

In 1888, George J. Friedmeyer began working at the C. J. Harris lumberyard in Pilot Grove, Missouri.  Over time, C. J. Harris Lumber Company would expand their operations to several other communities including California, Missouri.  They purchased a lumberyard owned by Captain William H. Mengel, a Civil War Veteran, in 1916, and George and his family would move to California to manage operations there.  George’s son, Arthur, admittedly “grew up” in the lumber business. 

Arthur Friedmeyer
The Friedmeyers, Arthur and Irene, at left and Earl and Marj,

Arthur would eventually take over management of the California location when his father retired in 1931.  Arthur and his wife, Irene, were able to purchase the lumberyard in 1966 and would then rename the business to Friedmeyer’s California Construction Supplies, Inc.  Arthur and Irene worked at the lumberyard until their deaths in 1991 and 1999 respectively.  Their children, Norman, Earl, and Doris, would all work in some capacity at the lumberyard as well. 

Earl eventually went on to manage the business until his retirement in 2007.  Earl’s children, Debbie and Brad, and son-in-law, Jay, now operate and manage the business together.

presentowners newest
The Friedmeyers, Brad and Earl, at left and Debbie and Jay VanDieren

In total, four generations of Friedmeyers have served the construction and building material needs of Central Missouri and have proven that a small, family-owned business that maintains its dedication to customer service and quality products can stand the test of time.

California Construction Supplies, Inc. Earl and Marj Friedmeyer, left, Jay and Debbie VanDieren with children Erin and Lindsey, middle Brad with wife Charla Friedmeyer and sons Cory, Tucker and Walker, right.